The Gambler’s Fallacy Explained

The Gambler’s Fallacy Explained

The Gambler’s Fallacy – Opposite Sides Of The Same Coin

Whether you are of the belief that the gambler’s fallacy is no less misleading a notion than the infinite number of existing logical fallacies, or that the world of luck is somehow exempt from the 50/50 rule of chance, the fact remains: the gambler’s fallacy remains a thing of mystery – with fervent devotees passionately attempting to substantiate each chosen side of the particular argument.

It’s an interpretation that most of us are familiar with – one would hardly have had to spend more than one enjoyable evening around a Roulette wheel to have heard a conversation along the lines of, “red 21 just came up – it’s hardly likely that it will come up again during the very next spin!”

The question of luck, or chance, is one that has boggled many of the most ardent scientific and philosophical minds.  Despite the fact that sound logic dictates that luck is purely a random thing, most people – regardless of nationality or general background – still appear to hold the unshakeable belief that luck is more than just mere chance; it is an invisible and powerful force that either works for you or against you, at any given time.  This is most prominent when considering the various religions of the world.  The controversial nature of religion aside, even men and women of science differ widely on the matter of luck.  Some believe that everything is orchestrated and pre-determined; that the universe runs like a well-oiled machine, while others suppose that there is just no surmising about what may happen next or in the future at a NZ online casino.

The Gambler’s Fallacy Defined

The gambler’s fallacy has been defined as being the reasoning that, in a situation of pure chance, any particular outcome may be affected or influenced by previous outcomes in that same situation.  The gambler’s fallacy manifests itself not only in a situation where the previous round in any game was a “perfect hit” (and therefore, according to most, not likely to be repeated immediately after), but also in a situation dubbed by psychologists as a “near miss”.  An example of this would be when a slot machine comes progressively closer to a five-in-a-row winning result over the course of a number of spins.  The first spin may render a result of two-in-a-row, the second yielding the slightly better result of three-in-a-row, and the third really turning on the excitement with a score of four out of five similar symbols in one row.  The gambler’s fallacy dictates that the player will at this point become convinced that he or she is somehow “getting better at it”, having developed – quite illogically – a certain skill since the first spin.  The gambler will in all probability up the ante at this point by playing at maximum bet – as the next spin is bound to turn up a jackpot result of five-in-a-row.

The Gambler’s Fallacy: Spot-On Or Debunked?

A large number of betting systems have been devised – the success rate of these being a relatively reliable indication of the predictability of a future event based on past events.  Some swear by betting strategies believed to be tried and trusted, others remain sceptics.

Whether you base your playing decisions on luck or strategy, the secret seems to be to keep playing.  The fun is after all in knowing that the next one may very well be the big one!

Sic Bo And Craps – The Two Games Compared

Dice games rely very much on the factor of luck instead of skill. Dice games are games of chance.   Most of us have a primal relationship with dice games, to various extents, as a result of the games that filled the carefree days of childhood – snakes and ladders and liar’s dice being well-loved examples.

It is to be expected then that we would enjoy moving on to more mature versions of dice-driven games when we grow older.  Enter Sic Bo and Craps.


The game of craps has been around for a very long time.  It has some of the best odds as far as casino games go, and is enjoyed by many.  The game is played on a tailor-made table, especially designed for the particular game.

Two dice are used during the game, and the condition of these are usually inspected regularly, so as to ensure complete fairness.

craps dice games - table games - casino online

A typical Craps table can accommodate up to 20 players at any one time.  Each player will be afforded to throw (or “shoot”) the dice.  The game is played in rounds, and turns are afforded clockwise around the table.  Each round consists of two phases; the come out roll and the point roll.

Every new game of Craps starts off with the come out roll.  A come out roll result of 2, 3 or 12 will end the particular round, and all pass line bets will be lost by all players around the table.

A come out roll of 7 or 11 will result in all line bets being won by all players.

The shooter will continue to roll the dice, until such time as 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 are rolled.  At this time, the Point roll will come into play.  If the shooter rolls and matches the point number, the result is a win for all bets that were placed on the pass line.

The rules of the game may seem slightly complicated to beginners, but it’s not all that difficult to learn.

Craps is known to be a jovial and socially enjoyable game, and shouts of dismay or glee are often heard around a Craps table.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo, although fairly new to the western gambling scene, certainly trumps Craps as far as ease of play is concerned.  Sic Bo generally appeals to lovers of the game of Craps.  The game is played by throwing a total of three dice.

In Sic Bo, the dealer does the throwing.  Players are able to place wagers on a variety of outcomes, examples being the total score of the three dice, any one specific number making a star appearance, a combination of two numbers, etc.  The more exotic the bet, the higher the risk.

Different types of bets obviously offer various returns – the higher the risk, the better the return.

Sic Bo is highly enjoyable, and will appeal to any player looking to seek out the hidden pleasures of Lady Luck.

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What Is An Online Casino Download?

When one searches for an online casino download, you are looking for a downloadable casino with which to play online casino games.

In modern times casinos no longer have to be accessed physically, you can make use of a modern device such as a computer or mobile device to access casinos which are based on the internet.

These casinos offer a large variety of games for people from New Zealand.

Download Versus In Browser

When looking at online casinos in NZ, there are two main types that can be used on your device. The first is a downloadable version, and the second is a version that can be used in your web browser. Some online casinos offer both, and some offer only one.

Online casino download is a casino that has to have its software downloaded to your device. This means that you need to ensure that you have enough space on your device, as well as a stable internet connection.

Using an online casino download takes a bit longer than using one that is simply accessed via a web browser, but the games are often better.

Due to the fact that the casino can use your device to store its software and games, you do not need to access everything through the internet.

This allows games to be bigger and with better graphics as they use your device’s hardware and software.

Where To Find a Downlaod Casino

Finding an online casino download depends on what device you are going to make use of. If you are using a mobile device, you can search in your app store for downloadable casinos that accept players from your area.

There may be quite a lot of results which show up, so make sure that the casino which you choose is free of harmful software and has good reviews from real players.

If you are using a bigger device such as a desktop or laptop computer, you can use your search engine in your web browser to look for an online casino download.

Again, make sure that the casino is free of any bad software before downloading it onto your computer. Ensure that your antivirus is on and up to date.

Online Casino Games

There will be a number of games that you can play when using an online casino download in New Zealand.

These can range from casino to casino but are generally the more popular casino games such as slots and various table games.

Slots are one of the most popular types of games that one can play in an online casino NZ download. Slots are fast paced, and some of them offer graphics that rival modern video games.

They often have a story line as well as various special features such as free spins and bonus rounds.

Table games such as Poker and Blackjack have always been popular. These are games of chance that can be played in an online casino either by you against a computer, or against other real players.

Dealers can either be live or computerised as well. When choosing your online casino download in New Zealand, make sure that it offers the type of games which you wish to play, in the format that suits you the best.

Online Casino Cash

Online Casino Cash Rewards

Online casinos are massively popular ways for people from all over the world as well as Dubai to get to play real casino games for real money. When playing in an online casino in Dubai, online casino cash can refer to money that you can possibly win via a number of methods, or putting real money into the casino. The experience of playing in an online casino for online casino cash is very similar to playing at a real brick and mortar casino in Dubai, although without the long queues, the fighting for particular games and the having to actually drive to the casino.


When making use of a real money casino that works in online casino cash, you often have the opportunity to play slot machines. These slots are similar to the slots that can be found in brick and mortar casinos in Dubai, and have been popular pastimes for generations. Modern online slots can have better graphics however than the slots of yesteryear, as well as offering things such as jackpots and even progressive jackpots.

A regular slot jackpot is an amount of money that is paid out by the individual game. If you deposit money into the casino account and use it to play a slot game, you could possibly win an amount of online casino cash back. To do this you will have to fulfill the game criteria for a win. This online casino cash gets paid into your casino account, unlike in the olden days when your slot machine would spit out a bucket of coins at your feet.

Progressive jackpots can be won by players who play on slots that are linked together. Because online casinos offer players from all over the world access to their games, certain slots can be linked via the internet. These slots can be played by a lot of people at a time, as they are not physical machines. Linking the slots and allowing so many instances of them to be played at the same time means that they can have a linked jackpot or a progressive jackpot. A progressive jackpot grows as people from all over Dubai or the world play on the same slot title.

Using Online Casino Cash

Using online casino cash is obviously something that should be looked into before simply depositing any real money into anyone’s account. Most of the big real money casinos that make use of online casino cash will have an easily accessible web page with real people’s reviews on how the casino has dealt with them. When you are using real money you want your chosen casino to be safe, secure and courteous to you in order to give you a good experience.

Online casinos should have a large number of options when it comes to both depositing and withdrawing online casino cash. Many of these should be well known, be they credit cards or eWallet services. Payouts should be in a timely manner, and you should not have to have too much red tape to get through if you want to cash out your online casino cash. All of this information should be easily viewed on the casino’s webpage. Make sure that when you are using online casino cash that you do so with a well reputed, and above all secure, online casino.

Horse Race

Horse Race Betting Guide for New Zealand Punters

Placing a bet on a horse race in New Zealand can be a confusing thing with all the different terminology and various kinds of bets. Having a sound knowledge about not only the sport but also how the betting process works is essential for a successful wager. It is all very well to go to the races and take a fun bet either online or physically at a bookie, but of you want to actual profit from your wager you will need to know what you are doing.

Types Of Bests

There are a number of different bets which one can place on not only one horse but also a number of horses in either one race or over a period of races or time. Some of these bets are statistically very hard to win, and will therefore pay out very well if you get them right, and some are easy to predict and so will not pay out as well.

A Win Bet is the most simple of the bets offered by bookies. This is basically whether a horse will win the race or not. These bets are often placed on the favourite, which means that the horse will have very high odds. The higher the odds, the less money you will earn back if your wager is correct.

A Place Bet is similar to a Win Bet, except that your chosen has to only place or come either second or third. This is also a bet which is usually placed on the favourites of a race.

Each Way is also known as a hedge bet. This is a good way to bet on a horse and collect if they come anywhere in the top three. Basically, if your horse wins with an Each Way bet, you will take home the Win Bet, and if the place you will take away the Place Bet. This bet does, however, come at a higher price than either of the respective bets alone.

A Quinella bet is a bet on two horses, again usually favourites. You predict which horse will win and which will come in second. If you are right then you will be paid out a quinella dividend. This bet can be increases as you wish, which will, in turn, increase the dividend.

A Trifecta is a bet which has very low odds of paying out, but if you do get it right it can be extremely lucrative. This is basically a bet on which horses will come in first second and third.

Knowledge Is Power

As with any type of sports online betting NZ, having a sound knowledge of the sport and its athletes is imperative to successful wagering. Knowing not only the horses but the trainers and the track will give you a boost over the person next to you who places a bet without knowing all of the facts.

Statistics on horses and trainers are easily accessible online on a number of sites. Comparing their performance on various types of tracks, whether they have been rested recently and who they have won against is a good start to building your knowledge and having a positive horse racing experience.

Harness Racing

All About Harness Racing Betting In New Zealand

Harness Racing is typically divided into two styles of racing: trotting and pacing.  This is referred to as the horse’s gait.  A trotter horse moves its legs in diagonal pairs – in other words, right front and left behind, as well as the opposite pair the other way around.  When pacing, on the other hand, a pacer will move its legs forward laterally – right front and right hind together; left front and left hind together.  Pacing is more in line with the natural movement of the horse, than what trotting is.

Pacing races are the more popular type of race in New Zealand, especially when keeping betting in mind.  Pacing is a more secure form of racing when placing a bet, as the horse is less likely to break into a gallop.  Galloping is not permitted during Harness Racing, and the horse is taken to the sideline of the racetrack until such time as it has resumed pacing or trotting.  This obviously typically results in a lost race – bad news for betting.

Major Races In New Zealand

Major races in New Zealand include the Auckland Cup and the New Zealand Cup.  Derby’s are also held, and are traditionally designed for 3 year old horses.  Popular Derby’s in New Zealand include the New Zealand Derby and the Great Northern Derby.  Another favourite is the Harness Jewels race day, which takes place annually in late May and early during the month of June.

Harness Racing: A Very Special Breed

Due to the more technical aspects involved in mobile horse betting using harnesses, a special breed of horse is used.  Standardbreds are the stars of the hour, and will speed around a track pulling a two wheeled vehicle closely resembling a chariot – known as a Sulky.

Standardbreds were initially developed in North America, and are also old favourites for pleasure riding and stunts at horse shows.  Standardbreds are a hardy breed, and tend to be much more sturdy and muscled than other horses.  They vary widely in height, and are the fastest trotting horse breed in the world.  They truly are magnificent to see in action.

Their leanness and muscled disposition make Standardbreds ideal for show jumping too.

The Excitement Of Cheering Your Man Home

Few things beat the feeling of cheering your horse home, and especially so with Harness Racing.  Various forms of bets may be placed, and the sky is the limit, even pertaining to the number of horses that may be bet on at a time.

A Quaddie for instance, is the lingo for placing a bet on a selection of 4 favourite horses running in a selection of 4 races.  During Harness Racing, Quaddies will come into effect during the last 4 races of the day.  The returns on this type of bet can be very attractive.

If you’re feeling generous, you may even opt to re-invest winnings from one race, into a bet on a following race.  This is referred to as the All Up.  The entire selection must obviously come in for a win, for this type of bet to yield a winning ticket.

Playing Bingo Using Granville’s System: Does It Really Work?

When facing random-based games such as lottery, keno or bingo, you will find that there is no way for you to predict the winning combination. Basically, when you look at the numbers you can choose as what you think is the winning combination, it practically what matter which number you select, since theoretically all of them would have the same chance of appearing. Although there were speculations that there might be slight things that influence the end result, the fact that these games rely on nothing but random strings of numbers time and time again doesn’t sound promising to the players who were hoping to crack the system. You could be able to run into plenty of different theories and systems that claim to help you figure out how it works and how to win every single time.

A lot of systems are out there

Unfortunately, due to the randomness of the entire game, there would be no way for you to certainly know the numbers that are more likely to appear than others. While it is true that there are a lot of 90 ball bingo systems designed, none of them could give you any kind of an advantage or increase your odds in any way whatsoever. If you’re still interested to try some of the systems out, one of the first recommendations that might come your way is the Granville system, proudly named after Joseph E. Granville, who was best known for his predictions regarding the investment world. If you are interested to learn more about his background, he also wrote a book titled ‘How To Win At Bingo’.

Symmetry and balance are the key to victory

The mathematical analyst suggests that the only way to have even the slightest chance of being close to the winning combination is to choose the numbers that will make your card be symmetric. This might not make too much sense at first, so here is an explanation of what was meant by that. In order to make your card systematic and asked symmetric, you would need to have a balanced combination of odd and even numbers, as well as high and low numbers. He argues that only the ones who truly understand the theory of probability will understand why it makes sense to choose your numbers this way.

There are no guarantees

The reason this system might not exactly work, is because that every single number has the same chance of appearing in a winning combination. By choosing to add every sort of number into your card, you will automatically increase your chances to have some of those numbers right. If you only chose to place odd or even numbers on the card, having the other kind appear will automatically disqualify your choice. By using both of the kinds, it is only natural to assume that on the long run you will be able to run into those numbers eventually. This doesn’t make the theory magically predict how to bingo system works, but it only helps you have a slightly higher chance of getting to those numbers by including variety in your choices.

Play Safe With Online Casinos

Online casinos are the online version of the conventional casinos. The online casinos have changed the perception of the people about gambling and people love to gamble online. This is the reason that the net worth of the online gambling sector has become more than US$180 billion.

Online gambling assures the players that they can play with free mind and without worrying about the online threats. It can be said that the online gaming has really evolved into safe and completely secure option. However, you need to make sure that the site you are choosing is legitimate enough because there are several scam sites as well online that have only one goal i.e. to cheat people of their money. So, it will be good for you to verify the authenticity of the online casinos before moving forward.

Credible and highly reputed gaming sites are well aware about the significance of safety to their players because they deal with the millions of dollars in withdrawals and deposits. Encrypted and highly secured websites are the demand of today’s time because of the pervasiveness of mobile devices and the large amount of data inside those mobiles.

For making a more precise decision in this regard, you can read the reviews of different gaming websites online. It will help you in taking the decision with more precision. You need to be extra attentive if you have got an invitation to play for online casino. It can be the trap from scam sites that can not only cheat you financially but it can also hack your personal details like address, Credit card number, and other vital details related to you.

Online casino directories can also be helpful for you in choosing the right and credible online casino. It is good if you like to play online casino games but don’t get addicted to it. You should also keep one thing in mind that you should play those games that you are familiar with rather than playing the games you don’t know anything about. It will save you from losing money unnecessarily.

You should also determine the limit of losing and the budget for gambling. It will be a wise move when you quit as you reach your losing limit. Most of the credible online casinos offer free play option to players. Don’t choose such casinos that don’t offer free game facility. It will be good for you to grab details about the payout rates of casino before start playing and then compare it from the payouts of other casinos as it will make sure that you are getting the right payout you deserve.

Always pay attention while placing the bets as you need to ensure that you can afford to lose those bets. There are few countries in which, gambling is considered as illegal, so keep this in mind as well before moving your step forward.

So, make your decision wisely after analyzing the online casino from the perspective of authenticity, security, incentive etc. It will help you in taking the right decision.

Mix Up Your Fun with Fruit

Slot machines are actually the most played games in casinos across the world. There are many different types of machines online and offline that bring us all kinds of sights and sounds and of course excitement. With all the great themes of slots the most popular just happen to be online fruit machines.


Examples of the online fruit machines that residents of the UK can enjoy include Fruit Case, Funky Fruits Farm, Fruit Fiesta 5 reel, Fruits N Royals, Fruit Shop, Fruits N Sevens, Fruit Frenzy, Fruits Kingdom, and Jolly Fruits. Of course, these machines are often found online as free play so you can only win “play money”.


There are many different fruit machines usually found at pubs that allow you to play for real money and yes, these same machines can now be found online as well. There are many different casinos online that offer different themed machines which do offer fruit machines that are popular offline as well. Of course, you may have your own favourite machine, but if you have not tried any of the fruit slots, you are missing out on some real fun. Track and Field Mouse slot machine does not sound like a fruit machine, but in all actually it really is one which can be played for fun or real money.


When you begin your search for fruit slots you will also find a variety of other kinds of slot machines that you can also play in the UK and win money if you register for a real account. Other games you will find include video slots, Vegas slots, classic slots, Jackpot slots, 3D slots, and stacked Wilds.


No matter what slot you play, you may still notice fruit popping up such as cherries. Many games offer cherries and if you get three in a row, you will win a small jackpot that will at least give you more money to try to hit the huge jackpot. Fruits have always been a huge part of slot machines as with the very first slot machine known as fruit machine in the UK. One early slot machine known as the trade stimulator actually gave out fruit flavoured chewing gum as winnings. The pictures on the slot machine were of the different flavours of fruit gum you could win.


The very first slot machine was actually created in the US in San Francisco during the 1800’s with the early machines only offering card numbers so gamblers of the day would see something they recognized. Of course, the machines were made a bit different in order to make it harder for the player to spin and get a royal flush. The way this was done was the machine left out the Jack of Hearts and the Ten of Spades. So, players only had Clubs and Diamonds left that could actually hit the huge pay-off.


Today, there are many different styles and types of slot machines for gamblers to enjoy even ones with cats for the cat lover or those depicting movies such as Gladiator.