The Gambler’s Fallacy Explained

Whether you are of the belief that the gambler’s fallacy is no less misleading a notion than the infinite number of existing logical fallacies, or that the world of luck is somehow exempt from the 50/50 rule of chance, the fact remains: the gambler’s fallacy remains a thing of mystery – with fervent devotees passionately attempting to substantiate each chosen side of the particular argument. Continue reading The Gambler’s Fallacy Explained

Sic Bo And Craps – The Two Games Compared

Dice games rely very much on the factor of luck instead of skill. Dice games are games of chance.   Most of us have a primal relationship with dice games, to various extents, as a result of the games that filled the carefree days of childhood – snakes and ladders and liar’s dice being well-loved examples.

It is to be expected then that we would enjoy moving on to more mature versions of dice-driven games when we grow older.  Enter Sic Bo and Craps. Continue reading Sic Bo And Craps – The Two Games Compared

What Is An Online Casino Download?

When one searches for an online casino download, you are looking for a downloadable casino with which to play online casino games.

In modern times casinos no longer have to be accessed physically, you can make use of a modern device such as a computer or mobile device to access casinos which are based on the internet. Continue reading What Is An Online Casino Download?

Online Casino Cash Rewards

Online casinos are massively popular ways for people from all over the world as well as Dubai to get to play real casino games for real money. When playing in an online casino in Dubai, online casino cash can refer to money that you can possibly win via a number of methods, or putting real money into the casino.

The experience of playing in an online casino for online casino cash is very similar to playing at a real brick and mortar casino in Dubai, although without the long queues, the fighting for particular games and the having to actually drive to the casino. Continue reading Online Casino Cash Rewards

Horse Race Betting Guide for New Zealand Punters

Placing a bet on a horse race in New Zealand can be a confusing thing with all the different terminology and various kinds of bets. Having a sound knowledge about not only the sport but also how the betting process works is essential for a successful wager.

It is all very well to go to the races and take a fun bet either online or physically at a bookie, but of you want to actual profit from your wager you will need to know what you are doing. Continue reading Horse Race Betting Guide for New Zealand Punters

All About Harness Racing Betting In New Zealand

Harness Racing is typically divided into two styles of racing: trotting and pacing.  This is referred to as the horse’s gait.  A trotter horse moves its legs in diagonal pairs – in other words, right front and left behind, as well as the opposite pair the other way around.

When pacing, on the other hand, a pacer will move its legs forward laterally – right front and right hind together; left front and left hind together.  Pacing is more in line with the natural movement of the horse, than what trotting is. Continue reading All About Harness Racing Betting In New Zealand

IGT Mega Fortune Dreams Online Slot

IGT Mega Fortune Dreams is an online slot game with 5 reels and 25 pay lines. There is a three tired progressive jackpot on offer as well as a free spins round that also awards win multipliers.

Wager coin values can be adjusted between 0.01 and 1, with a maximum possible wager available of 25 per spin. There is a 10 000x your line wager jackpot pay out in the standard game. An Autoplay function is available for easy spins. Continue reading IGT Mega Fortune Dreams Online Slot

Masques of San Marco Online Slot

Masques of San Marco is based on the popular festival held in Venice and the history of this carnival goes back to 1162.  This carnival is still held today and the most popular event is the judging of who has the best mask.

This online slot has a carnival theme and Italian music plays when there is a win on the paylines.  Masques of San Marco is an IGT slot and features dual play which means the game is played in a 6 x 6 square where the top and bottom are separate with 20 paylines in each half. Continue reading Masques of San Marco Online Slot

Hot Ink Online Video Slots

Hot Ink is inspired by the creative world of body art.  As the name suggests, the theme is centred on body art and tattoo parlours.  The scene is set inside a tattoo parlour, complete with tattoo artists, artist’s chairs, tattoos and of course, an array of gorgeous women.

Hot Ink does not include typical paylines, but instead is based on the popular 1 024 ways to win concept.  It does feature 5 reels, with 4 rows of symbols appearing on each reel, as well as a Free Spins Bonus Round. Continue reading Hot Ink Online Video Slots